Friday, May 19, 2006


Al Gore Reintroducing Himself in Elite Media Circles; Private Dinner with Tina Brown, Harry Evans

As Al Gore’s public profile continues to rise higher with the release of his new environmental movie, he’s also privately reintroducing himself in elite media circles. A source of mine tells me that Tina Brown and her husband, writer Harold Evans, are hosting a private dinner for Gore at their home on Wednesday, May 24, after a private screening of the movie in midtown Manhattan. The dinner will also be attended by two of the producers of the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Laurie David and Lawrence Bender. A movie spokesperson declined comment, but I'm also told Tina and Harry are providing transport from the screening to their house, too.

One guest attending the screening I spoke to thinks that the new media elite feting of Gore is a sign that media people want to take another look at him, now that he’s being seen as much more outspoken and passionate about issues he cares about – a second look that Gore appears to be welcoming. “Tina and Harry’s home is the epicenter of media power,” this guest says. “Their guests tend to be the media elite types who were so critical of Gore in 2000 and after the election. Now they’re seeing him in a different light – not as the dutiful, cautious veep.” Fine, but if he runs, will the coverage of him really change, too?

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