Monday, May 15, 2006


Laura Bush's falsehoods about the media easily debunked

When it comes to blaming the media for President Bush's abysmal poll numbers, no lie is too glaring or too easily punctured that the Bushies won't repeat it. Laura Bush, for instance, yesterday told Fox News's Chris Wallace the following falsehood:
And I think right now what we're seeing with these poll numbers is a lot of fun in the press with taking a poll every other week and putting it on the news, on the front page of the newspaper. When his polls were really high, they weren't on the front page. (Emphasis added.)

Well, not really. Here's a list of headlines from The New York Times and The Washington Post about polls from President Bush halcyon days in 2003 and 2002. Every one of these was on the front page:

January 29, 2002, The Post: Bush and GOP Enjoy Record Popularity;
Poll Finds Broad Support Despite Doubts on Economy

March 11, 2002, The Post: Poll: Strong Backing for Bush, War;
Few Americans See Easy End to Conflict

July 17, 2002, The Post: Poll Shows Bush's Ratings Weathering Business Scandals

Dec. 17, 2003, The Times: Bush's Approval Ratings Climb In Days After Hussein's Capture

Dec. 23, 2003, The Post: Bush Gets Year-End Boost in Approval;
Poll Shows Dean Surging Among Democratic Rivals

March 22, 2003, The Times: Support for Bush Surges at Home, but Split Remains

April 20, 2004, The Post: Poll Shows New Gains For Bush;
Lead Over Kerry Widens On Issues of Security

Sept. 10, 2004, The Post: Bush Support Strong After Convention;
Kerry Favorability Rating Plunges in New Survey

Sept. 28, 2004, The Post: Poll Shows Bush With Solid Lead;
Despite Worries, Voters Cite Lack of Clarity From Kerry

Not bad, huh? And I only checked two papers and didn’t even look all that hard. As I just wrote over at TAPPED, at this point, for these folks, lying is as easy as breathing.

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