Thursday, May 18, 2006


Why the Media Isn't Reporting the "Good News" in Iraq

Don't miss Howard Kurtz's profile of CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan, in which she tells you in as vivid detail as possible why the allegedly liberal media is allegedly refusing to report the good news in Iraq:
The words erupt in machine-gun bursts as Lara Logan strafes the critics who say she and other journalists in Iraq are ignoring the signs of progress there.

"That's complete nonsense," Logan says. "I tell the American commanders all the time: When we can get in our cars and drive to the opening of a store and interview people on camera without fear of being killed, or getting everyone involved with us killed, the good-news stories will be told." ...

She dismisses criticism of Western journalists remaining in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, saying: "Every time I leave the hotel, I have to justify why I'm risking the lives of everyone on my team."

Passed along without comment.

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